Who We Are

The Anti-Uranium Mapping Project is an interactive website with a team of individuals contributing their skills from writing, photography, software building, drone operator, sound engineer, and filmmaking to aid in telling the stories of those impacted by uranium mining on the Navajo Nation. 

What We Do

Ultimately, this project serves as historical documentation of the uranium mining era, from a Native perspective. By creating an interactive website experience as a way to educate an audience on environmental issues, my dream is that it will attract a wider audience since the information will be presented through a multimodal approach. Not everyone has the same style of learning and I want to be able to reach as many people as possible. If enough people outside the reservation can be educated through this eventual database, I envision not just conversation, but support for the Navajo people in deciding how to move forward with producing clean energy and how they access natural resources on their land.

And Why

The goal of this project is to create the most efficient online platform to educate an audience on the environmental issues surrounding uranium mining on the Navajo Reservation. I believe that the effectiveness of the education lies within the level of interactive experiences within the website. People are more likely to retain information when they are able to make multiple sensory interactions with data. I hope that by creating a website where you can listen, read and engage with the stories shared by the Navajo people, you will also feel pulled to help even if it’s just by sharing what you’ve learned. This project not only amplifies the voices of the Navajo people but allows us to find our voice through them as well. The sooner we educate ourselves on disasters such as this one, the sooner we can begin a more educated conversation about the future of clean energy.

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The Anti-Uranium Mapping Project is fiscally sponsored by the New Mexico Foundation.

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