What We Do 

And Why

This project is a vital historical documentation of the uranium mining era from a Native perspective. Operating through an interactive website, our mission goes beyond conventional methods of education. We are committed to enlightening a diverse audience on environmental issues using a multimodal learning approach, recognizing the rich diversity of learning styles.

Our goal is not only information dissemination, it is also to foster meaningful connections. By forging an extensive database, our aspiration is to spark dialogue and actively engage our audience. Through this innovative approach, we aim to cultivate empathy and understanding, making the stories of those impacted by uranium mining resonate on a deeper level.

This project is a narrative tapestry, weaving together personal stories and environmental concerns. By providing an immersive learning experience, we seek to captivate a broader audience and instill a sense of shared responsibility.

By empowering our audience with a comprehensive understanding, we hope to inspire support for the Navajo people. Through this process, we aim to provide a foundation for individuals to actively participate in shaping the energy future and stewardship of natural resources on Navajo land, all guided by the profound principles of tribal sovereignty.

Touring Exhibitions

The Anti-Uranium Mapping Project is currently on display at Appalachia State University in the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. The show will run from January 16th until June 8th. Installation photos of the exhibition can be viewed here.

The Anti-Uranium Mapping Project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, Donate Now Donate now at Fractured Atlas!
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